Ideedock raises $130.000 for 'Quora for the enterprise' concept

Amsterdam startup comes with internal Q&A platform to increase knowledge sharing in companies

Ideedock, a platform to quickly find knowledge in your company, raised $130.000 from NoRo Venture Capital. The startup created a intelligent Q&A platform which enables rapid knowledge sharing throughout the company. Ideedock graduated from Rockstart Accelerator last year and is running pilots in several consulting and technical companies. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon and serial entrepreneur Nova Spivack joined as advisors.


Ideedock is a Q&A platform for enterprises that employees use when they need information. Popular questions are about people seeking specific skills or expertises (i.e. who has experience with retro reflection coefficient?) or documentation and material (i.e. who has material about ITIL v3?). When a question is submitted, it is intelligently distributed to between 30 and 50 colleagues using email and soon push notifications. People can quickly respond or refer to someone with one click. 

Ideedock developed an algorithm that continuously identifies who knows what based on several factors like questions that are asked, answers that are given and referrals that are made. Based on that data questions are automatically sent to colleagues most likely to have answers. 

At the same time, a useful knowledge base is built. If a recurring question is asked, Ideedock automatically shows the user related questions. This way existing knowledge is used in an optimal way which saves significant time. 

Pilot results

Currently, pilots are running at an aerospace company and at consulting companies. Questions vary from 'who has experience with fire resistant requirements?' to simply 'who speaks Portuguese?' Over 50% of users have participated. Questions receive on average 4 answers. 


An employee of a 500+ people consulting firm needed an expert for fire resistance requirements at steel constructions. The employee called 5 colleagues. Nobody had a clue, so he hired an outside consultant for €20.000. The deal was about to be signed, when a colleague pointed him at Ideedock. He posted the question and was referred to an experienced colleague at a different office within an hour. It saved the company €20.000.

Rob van Eck - Managing partner NoRo Venture Capital: "Unused knowledge in enterprises is a big problem and causes millions of damage. The way these customers use Ideedock is remarkable and has strong potential."


Ideedock is founded by Pepijn de Visscher who studied economics in the Netherlands and University of Dayton, OH. With his previous company Brainrack he was part of the first batch of Cincinnati based accelerator The Brandery. The experienced Jonas Matser, who co-founded Techstars startup Peerby, is CTO. 


Ideedock is selected last year from 350 other startups to take part in Rockstart Accelerator, an incubator in Amsterdam. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, is one of their advisors. 

"Really clever app, well executed, and surprisingly high engagement." Nova Spivack - Serial entrepreneur
Over Ideedock

Ideedock allows employees quickly find existing knowledge within their companies.